Berserk B.I.T.S is a brand new game from BerserkBoy Games, the studio behind Berserk Boy!


What is Berserk B.I.T.S? Berserk B.I.T.S is an idle-rpg, auto-battler, chip-collecting game that runs on your desktop alongside your other applications!

Plug IN! Train and level up your B.I.T.S (Battle.Intelligent.Teammate.System). Team up with your digital buddy and take on the internet. Battle virus’ explore new biomes and defeat powerful viruses and bosses!

Auto-Battling with a twist! Send your B.I.T off to battle and explore different parts of the net to obtain currency, helper bots and more! All while you concentrate on other tasks.

Battle Chips, Home Decoration and Achievements! Collect and craft a plethora of battle chips to be used in real-time during battle. Each battle chip is placed in an ever growing library that you can strive to fill out. Get medals for completing tasks or kick back and spend time decorating your perfect HOME.NET.

Long term support! Berserk B.I.T.S is a project we want to keep evolving and giving you reasons to keep coming back. New battle chips, game modes, B.I.Ts and more! We want to grow B.I.T.S with community feedback.

Release date: TBA

Platforms: Steam

Developer: BerserkBoy Games

Press Contact: bbgames.social@gmail.com